Masters Touch by Siena Artè is an exquisitely hand-crafted classical portrait expertly blending the realism of modern portraiture with the beautiful old-world richness of an oil painting.

This style of portrait has been proudly displayed in homes of distinction throughout the centuries.

A Masters Touch portrait must be seen to truly appreciate the exquisite details of these very special hand painted portraits. We invite you to visit our studio gallery in North Scottsdale.

‘Bob and Connie are astoundingly talented! They take the time to get to know you. The setting, lighting, poses, furniture and every aspect of the portrait are very personalized.  They perfectly captured our personalities.  The result is sublime. Beyond the gorgeous photography, they carefully allowed us to choose the frame, recommended the company to install it in our home, came to the installation, and supervised every detail from the moment we walked in their door until the portrait hung in our home.  The portrait they created is a treasure that brings us pleasure every day. We receive compliments on it constantly, and we know that our family loves it.  Thank you Bob and Connie!’
Nan & C.A. Howlett

A Masters Touch Masterpiece Portrait is unlike any portrait you have seen. We are experts in the art of classic portraiture - creating timeless painting-like portraits that enriches your home and celebrates the legacy of your family for generations.

Our Masters Touch portraits are created to the highest standards and finished in grand European style. When framed in one of our beautiful finished corner gold-leafed frames, your portrait takes on a museum quality that is unsurpassed.

Owning a Masters Touch portrait begins to appreciate in value immediately, as it truly becomes priceless to your family.

Masters Touch Highlights

1. We are Master Portrait Artists
We specialize in classical, timeless portraits in the style of the old masters. Through the years the expertise needed to create classic portraits has become rare. We appreciate the importance and value of the classical style and have many years of experience creating these heirloom portraits that withstand the test of time.

2. Lavish Hand Artistry
A Masters Touch portrait blends the realism of modern portrait techniques with the distinct richness of an oil painting. We use an old world technology to create an original piece of art for each client. Once your portrait has been printed to the highest standards, it is then turned over to one of our renowned artists. Each Masters Touch portrait (30" and larger) are enhanced with several layers of hand painted oil-based artistry and embellished with acrylic brushstrokes to bring out the most subtle details. One cannot help but notice how the artist carefully awakens each highlight of the portrait to its fullest beauty and granduer, rendering it similar to an exquisite oil painting.

3. Masterpiece Canvas Finish
The rich canvas finish of your Masters Touch portrait is unmistakable. After all artistry is applied to your portrait, it is then printed using a fine art process developed by world renowned printmaker Jack Duganne that results in the highest museum quality photographic reproduction available. Your portrait is created with fade-resistant archival inks, ensuring heirloom longevity.

4. Beautifully Finished Gold-Leaf Frames
Many so-called custom frames are simply 'chop and join' - premade frame sticks that consist of moulding pieces. The result is a flat generic finish with a visible line in the corners of the frame. A Masters Touch frame however, is built here in the United States by master craftsmen, in the old-fashioned artisan tradition. Each frame takes approximately 6 weeks to build from scratch, and are beautiful furniture-quality finished corner frames with a gold leaf finish. Decorative leafs are added to each corner to further add beauty and detail. Individuals who are connoisseurs of art wil immediately recognize your attention to detail in framing your portrait. Frames included at no additional charge on 30" and larger Masters Touch Portraits.

5. 22 Karat Gold Hand Engraved Nameplates
A 22 kt. gold nameplate is like a beautiful piece of jewelry for your frame, and one is included with each frame that we complete. This prestigious detail provides a finishing touch of authenticity to your portrait.

6. Extreme Protection
Though protective lacquer is applied throughout the creation of your portrait, when all artistry is done, a minimum of four more layers is administered. This step goes the extra mile in providing necessary UV protection as well as to help guard the portrait from damages caused by external sources. You may occasionally wish to clean your portrait with Windex and a soft cotton cloth. Note: Never try this on any portrait that is not protected like a Masters Touch portrait.

7. Lifetime Guarantee
When you commission a framed Masters Touch portrait, you not only get the best guarantee in the industry, but you also get an amazing insurance plan. Quite simply, we guarantee your portrait, down to every detail, against all damages. If your portrait is ever harmed in any way whether it be your fault or not, or if it fails to meet your highest standards of quality, we will replace it at no charge.

proper attire for a masters touch portrait

The classic look of our Masters Touch portrait are highly sought after due to it's timelesness, a beautiful representation of your family that becomes a legacy work of art to be passed on to your future generations and proudly displayed in your home. Your portrait is carefully orchestrated, with attention to numerous details including your attire.

The following guidelines represent a description of the formal attire to be worn for your portrait:

Black or charcoal suit, white long sleeve shirt, solid color tie (preferrably matching among the gentlemen in the portrait and complimentary to the woman's attire), and dress shoes. Tuxedos (with ties or bowties) are highly recommended as it adds a higher level of formatlity to your portrait.

Formal gown or dress that would be worn for a special occassion. Black or daker colors are recommended, however we suggest wearing a dress that you feel most elegant in. Long sleeves are highly suggested.

Formal attire for children to match the adults style and colors. Suits for boys, dresses for girls.

Please contact our studio at 480-565-2920 for any questions you may have on your specific clothing selections. We are always glad to provide clothing consultations to ensure the finest portrait of your family.

Please note: 30" and larger Masters Touch Portraits include painterly renditions, embellished with acrylic and oil paints, at no additional charge. Smaller Masters Touch portrait sizes are available with optional painterly renditions and oil embelishments at a nominal fee. Clear acrylic brushtrokes and protective glazing included on all sizes at no additional charge.
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